Simpler Track Apperance Request

Is there any way to turn off the color grading in audio and midi tracks in Cubase 6 ?

Audio and Midi Tracks in the project window of Cubase 6 have a slight shading from light (at the top) to dark (at the bottom of the track). If the track is blue for example, it will be light blue at the top and darker blue at the bottom.

I preferred the block colors that were in parts in Cubase 4 as I found them less distracting when composing music.

I have looked and experimented with all of the options in the preferences menu and can simplify the wave form, but not the part color.

Ideally, it would be fantastic of there was an option available to turn the color shading off.

Any ideas?


I’m afraid, it’s not possible to deactivate these gradients.


I like the C5 appearance myself.

Do you think there is a possibility that Steinberg will add this option as an update?

The way I see it, the simpler the user interface, the more focus you can give to the audio.