Simplest way to add drums in Cubase AI

Okay, I’ve done this before - but I have no clue how I did it. And, it looks like I didn’t document how I achieved adding a MIDI drum track using the built in synth facilities in Cubase AI.

I have previous projects with drums (possibly imported MIDI) - so maybe I can copy an entire track from one project to another. That’s a clunky way of doing it so I’d like to document a clean way to add drums for next time.

I like a pretty simple full drum set. I might have used something labeled as a jazz acoustic drum set from the choices - but not sure if that was from Cubase or not - but I think you get the idea.

So, to kick this off - first question: Do I want to add a MIDI track or an Instrument track? And, what next after that?

That depends solely on your personal preference.
After that you choose a VSTi that has the drum sounds you want
Then you create or Import or play the desired rhythm.
And during all that, you start reading in the manual a bit.

Well, I’ve been reading the manual “a bit” but I can’t find out how to simply add a simple drum track into a project.
There’s many clever youtube videos showing how to CREATE a new drum track, but they all seem to miss the final most important part… where you can actually add the drum track into your project!
Apologies if I sound a shade annoyed! -Just spent a few hours trying to do it, without luck.
(I’m just assuming we have a selection of ‘stock’ drum tracks we can use)
I’ve opened 'Groove agent and double-clicked 'Brothers in need" (that’s me!!!) and it’s added a new track in the project. But what then? How can I actually play that drum track?

“Then you create or Import or play the desired rhythm”.

  • Yes, but actually HOW?
    THX for your help, I know it’ll be something basic and simple I’ve overlooked. (Don’t call me stoopid!!! - or maybe DO!)
    (Elements ver10)

With an eDrum, a MIDI keyboard, the on-screen Keyboard, or you draw the MIDI info with the pencil into a MIDI part, which you have to create for example with the pencil tool (click on the MIDI track).

Thanks mate. I’ve now found that to get a drum track down I can use ‘Loops’, that works for me. Good! Find a good track and just drag it onto the project… Boom-bang-bash! Too easy when you know how! (But I’ll also give the MIDI / pencil a try as you advise).
I’m still trying to resolve a few issues. I’m not confident that my Studio setup ‘ins & outs’ are right. Using my H4n as a USB mic, I want to monitor from my computer headphones, - it seems I can monitor out of the H4n, but not out of the computer sound card.
Thx again.
(Call me stoopid! :slight_smile:

Yes that´s how it is. You could change this by using ASIO4all (Win) or “Aggregate device” (Mac). Plenty of posts here on the forums and info on google.