Simplified metadata forms request for WL13 (or maybe WL12.1)

Metadata seems to get more and more important. I do a lot of work for Belgium labels/artists and about 90% of all masters I do leave the door with ISRC codes and other metadata embedded and in NL, at least 60% and it grows by the day.

A lot of these masters are just singles and I’d like to use the audio-editor for that instead of the montage. To me that works way faster and easy, that’s my workflow.
But with all that metadata, there is a lot of fields to fill in, so maybe we can come up with some simplified form which fills in metadata in all the right places at once. For instance, ISRC codes need to be filled in at at the ID3v2 tag, but also in the aXML code. Artist and title needs to be filled in at the ID3v2 but also at the RIFF tab which is quite a lot of ‘copy/pasting’.
Yes, I know, that can be filled in ‘semi automatically’ using the montage, but it happens a lot that you have to do it by hand anyway after masters are done. It happens often that I just have to fill in the metadata afterwards and it’s just way faster to do that in the audio-editor/metadata tab.

A simplified tab where you just fill in artist, title, album, tracknumber, ISRC code which then populates that in the right places right away would be way more easy. A bit like the CD text tab in the montage, but with the ISRC code in that field as well.

Which makes me come to the second/better option maybe. I think it would make more sense if the ISRC tab in the album tab (and also UPC/EAN BTW) is also moved to the CD text tab since you would be working there the most I think. Speaking of CD text, wouldn’t it make more sense to rename that to ‘metadata’ instead of CD text? That would simplify things and it could still be used for CD text in case that needs to be done. The ASCI button could be used for just CD text then I think, though that needs some extra thoughts maybe.

Summed up, metadata needs to be more straightforward and easy. :slight_smile:


I agree this would be welcome.

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+1 … as I think has been discussed before, many times the artist management (or even label) does not have or provide an ISRC until the project is completed. This literally happened just now with a major artist. Or A&R alter stuff like the song title or even the artist name.

At present, I am personally using the Sonoris ISRC editor to quickly add the ISRC fields. But … as @jeffrey_de_Gans suggests … to be able to do something quick and easy to the final wav file would be an awesome add on.

It’s not really a practical option to go back to the montage and re-render it all and QC the masters in real time … I and I am sure many others just don’t have the time resources for that.

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Yes good idea…
Would Import/Export function like in Text, CSV e.t.c formats
from Tag(s) to MetaData in WaveLab solve this?

regards S-EH

Some import function would be nice indeed, but it needs to be a standard form then. Out of experience I know that everyone sends that info in a different way from PDF’s, to excel to some text in a mail to a whatsapp, which makes it more/too complex I think. So it’s not that simple.


Yes … this is absolutely my experience as well.

Yes, the metadata process could use a big overhaul for both the Audio Editor and Audio Montage. I don’t find it to be a problem because I have a good workflow and metadata preset dialed in so for me, it’s pretty automatic.

But…I do spend a lot of time helping others get it set up and figured out.

Not only could the entry be better, but the display of what’s going on could be better. Right now it’s a bit too “behind the scenes” looking.

Some things that would be nice would be ability to enter the full titles with special characters etc. and have that get pushed to metadata, while having WaveLab automatically create “safe” versions of those names for CD-Text and File Naming.

Even with my current workflow, if an album title has a special character, I have to keep it “safe” in the CD-Text box and then manually correct it in the Meta app.

For song titles, I can handle it with WaveLab because I use Marker Names for Song Title Metadata and CD-Text Track Names for file naming and CD-Text of course.

Anyway, it could be nicer.