simplified poly-chords shared between instruments

It seems that Dorico places the same chord symbol over every rhythm section instrumental staff. This is ideal 99% of time.

I have a moment in my current project where poly-chords are being shared between two rhythm section instruments (piano and guitar). These parts are written out as well, but chord symbols over the notes would be helpful for the players to absorb and retain the parts. Each part could be easier to comprehend without a huge poly-chord symbol over each chord. i.e. the readability of each instrumental part could be simplified if I had the ability to show each player only the chord symbol for the voicing they are actually playing. Neither player needs the full poly-chord expressed as a chord symbol, as neither instrument is playing the full chord.

Any suggestion how best to do this? My current solution is to use text chord symbols for all instruments through this section instead using actual chord symbols.

The “every musician always gets the same chord symbol” philosophy is generally ideal, but sometimes a guitar part can be expressed as a simpler chord in a shared poly-chord. This is only advisable in an arrangement that is carefully thought out to produce this effect, and I do this occasionally. If the guitar part is written out as simple triads over a bigger chord structure, it’s often best that just the simple triads are shown as the chord symbols for the guitar player, not the entire poly-chord. Additionally, this could potentially become a bigger problem when and if Dorico eventually adds chord symbol diagrams for guitarists. if the guitar part is always forced to have the entire poly-chord symbol over his part, Dorico may in turn try to enforce a chord diagram to represent the entire poly-chord, rather than facilitate the part as written, which may be just triads. Something to consider!

A workaround is to open note input mode, move the caret to the right or left of the note, and input the secondary chord beside the primary one. Then you can hide the ones you don’t want in certain staves, and move them around in Engrave mode so they’re vertically aligned.

I actually prefer this to the text tool, because it’s really pretty fast, and the text formatting stays consistent since it’s using true chord symbols.

Thanks Dan, this method is way better than my simple text solution. It’s such a rare and specific instance that I need to do this, and I’m glad to see there’s a relatively simple way to accomplish it. Thanks again.