Simplify Accidentals

I am a new DORICO user. I need to advise how to edit the accidentals into a new key.I did not find it in the manual. In SIBELIUS this was solved by SIMPLIFY ACCIDENTALS function. Advise me, please.

There is no “simplify accidentals” function yet in Dorico. But there are very powerful functions that can help you achieve this quite easily.
You can filter notes by pitch (either in the Edit menu in write mode, or the contextual menu —right-click). In that window, you can enter all the pitches that you find are wrong, for instance all double-flat notes. When you apply this filtering, all double-flat notes will be selected, and you only have to chose to rewrite to the enharmonic below (in the write menu I think, or with a keyboard shortcut I won’t tell you, because you probably do not have a french keyboard, so it would be quite inaccurate on your keyboard) and that’s it!
Hope it helps!

It’s alt-minus or alt-plus to respell on an English keyboard.

This is a little off topic, but am I correct that there is no filter by note length? I wanted to put staccatos on all eight notes in a passage. The easy way would be to select the passage and filter by note length.

Dear cparmerlee,
You are right. But I remember that this filtering by length has been suggested not long ago in a thread, and Daniel was positive about this being a good idea…

That Marc Larcher: I did it according to your instructions. it works, but it is too long. I do not understand that such essential function is missing in Dorico. For example, if I change the Arrangements section to another key, I accidentally modified in Sibelius with function Simplify accidentals. It is not possible in Dorico. I am very disillusioned, but I have already bought Dorico and have only to wait for this feature to be added. Also, there is a lack of essential real-time inputing, which I mainly used in Sibelius.

Dear hanojek,
You should find that “in due course”, all your expectations will probably be fulfilled (and probably far beyond). That’s how the dev team has treated us since day one !