Simulataneous Editing of MIDI CC Data in Multiple Parts

I know that you can select multiple MIDI parts and open the key editor to edit multiple notes at once. However, you are still forced to edit MIDI CC data individually for each part. Is there a way to draw in curves, erase, etc., for the MIDI CC automation data on all parts simultaneously, like you can with notes?

I have a method using ‘shared’ copies and lanes which might help.

First, I often split the notes from the CCs and create two or more midi parts, then I use lanes (which is most annoying these days with the new comp editing features!) to play them simultaneously.

Then I use ‘shared’ copies to copy some parts to other midi tracks. This means they play exactly the same and I only have to edit one version.

I’d be using this for say pitch bends on multiple midi instruments, aftertouch too. Or for playing the same synth + strings lines on different instruments. Essentially anything that needs doubling can be done with a shared copy.

[An additional tip is that you can even transpose the shared copies independently, so you can double up a bassline, but have a 2nd synth play it an octave lower, or double top strings, etc. Invaluable.]

Not quite editing multiple part CC data, but at least allowing multiple midi part data to be edited in one place!


Use Midi sends, and edit one part, once?