Simulating split measures

Hi! I’ve successfully managed to simulate the “Split measure” function Finale has and I was wondering if there’s anything I could do about the bar numbers (so that every measure is correctly counted). If not, would you please think of a new feature to add? Maybe a flexible bar number offset (or a flag the user could add to a measure so that it’s skipped)? Thank you!

Screenshot description:
Bar 7 is actually part of bar 6 and bar 11 is actually part of bar 9.

P.S. I’m editing in Cubase 10.5 because I need to have better image quality for my OBS screen recordings. Cubase 11 and 12 (I don’t know about 13) are bad in terms of Score Editor image quality (if you don’t believe me, add some crescendos and compare these two: 1) how it looks in the PDF and 2) how it looks in the Score Editor window).

I think the solution to this is using the Bar Number Offset feature, which is great, because you can create multiple offsets! Unfortunately, this feature is broken in Cubase 10 through 10.5.20 (but fixed in 10.5.30)…

P.S. It seems that the documentation for Cubase 9 is a little bit better than the one for Cubase 10.5.