Simultaneous control of different VST instruments via different MIDI channels


I use my church organ (3 manuals+pedal, MIDI In and Out) to control VST instruments in Cubase. I use a simple MIDI-USB interface (Justin MP02). The pedal sends on MIDI channel 1, the 1st manual on 2, etc.) Cubase recognizes the interface and I can assign the individual instruments to individual MIDI channels, so that instrument 1 is only played by the pedal via MIDI channel 1 and Instrument 2 via MIDI channel 2 only from the 1st manual. However, if I select both at the same time in order to control the two different instruments in parallel with the pedal and the 1st manual, both instruments are controlled by the pedal or by the 1st manual. How can I work around this and make sure that only one instrument is still triggered by a midi input?

I couldn’t get an answer to this question in the forum and since I want to use the setup for a concert on Friday, I would appreciate a prompt answer!

Many greetings


Hi and welcome to the forum,

Cubase always records from all MIDI Channels to the track.

Please use the MIDI Input Transformer to Filter the data by the MIDI Channel. You can find the presets to do this in the Input Transformer.


Sometimes the virtual instrument has setting for what MIDI channel it is listening to. Setting that up to match your controller would be one possible option. Otherwise, The Input Transformer is the way to go.

I know this confused some users in the past, so I'll take the liberty of expanding on this a little...

Yes, Cubase inputs/records all MIDI channels by default. This can be changed globally in the setting to filter out certain channels or types of MIDI messages.
The MIDI track itself can either force a MIDI channel or let the MIDI data pass as recorded/played with multiple MIDI channels. This is setup in the track inspector and can be either “Any” or a specific channel where “Any” outputs MIDI channels in a multitimbral fashion (with MIDI channel data preserved) and a number between 1 and 16 forces all MIDI data to that channel.