Simultaneous control of multiple VST tracks

Hi all,

I’m trying to use a MIDI hardware controller (an Akai MPK Mini keyboard) to change parameters on a VST instrument, such as filter characteristics, during playback or recording (Cubase 10 Pro). I have got this to work by setting up track quick controllers assigned to the controllers on the keyboard, and mapping these to the quick controls on the VST instrument track.

But… This only seems to work on one track at a time, but I would like to control multiple tracks (and multiple VSTs) simultaneously with the same controller. If I change the focus to another track, I can no longer control the original one.

Is there a way to do what I’m asking? Any suggestions much appreciated!


Hi and welcome,

On the other track, you have other plug-in instance, don’t you?

Yes, the Track Quick Controls are track based. If you use the same plug-in instance on the multiple tracks, the VST Quick Controls might work. You control parameters of the VSTi, not of the track.