Simultaneous meter help

I’m trying to revise an old handout that I made in Finale to add some more examples but it’s turning out to be a bit of a pain in Dorico. How can I have 6/8 and 4/4 simultaneously and still have the barlines line up?

As a workaround, I think I can use 4/4 with hidden 3:4 tuplets in the top, hide the time signatures, create new time signatures as playing techniques, and use manual spacing. Does anyone have a faster way to do it other than this?

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This is old but still entirely relevant: Masking meters and creating polymeters with metric modulations in Dorico - Scoring Notes


Thanks Leo, that’s a pretty ingenious workaround! The other one I thought of is to use 4/4 with a C abbreviation for one staff, and redefine C to be 6/8.

I ended up doing it by redefining the common meter glyph to display as 6/8. @DanKreider 's MusGlyphs made an appearance too.