Simultaneous Multithreading and dropouts in Nuendo 10

For anyone having trouble with random intermittent dropouts (sometimes days apart), try disabling SMT (simultaneous multithreading) in BIOS. This issue persisted for over a year before I found the solution. Installing GeForce Studio Driver seemed to be the answer but after some time testing, the problem remained. I have a Ryzen 7 motherboard and Windows 10 21H1 and M Audio Delta 1010 connected via PCI to PCIe adapter. I have not had a single dropout since disabling SMT. I discovered unticking “multi processing” in Studio Setup fixed the issue and that led me to posts on the Steinberg forum and ultimately SMT (or Hyper-threading for Intel). Steinberg Power Scheme, Multi Processing, ASIO guard are all enabled, latency is very low and everything is working the way I first hoped for when I upgraded to a high performance PC.