Simultaneous note input on two staves/voices while using different rhythms?

I’ve been doing a lot of counterpoint lately straight from my midi keyboard, usually two voices/fingers at once. I was thinking how nice it could be to have the ability to select different rhythms for either each staff (when doing the multi-staff caret) or each separate voice on a single staff.

For example: in the lower voice or staff I could select it to input quarter notes, and the upper voice or staff I could select eighth notes. Dorico would automatically parse each according to register.

I know this would probably be a complicated UI request – where would the secondary note value panel even go? I don’t know… but thinking something like this could be really helpful when I’m noodling about in two voices (recording never really works out for me so I prefer step input anyway).

I think your best bet for such input would be to use real-time MIDI input from a MIDI keyboard, although with my playing ability these days it would be safer for me at least to enter the two staves separately using step input.

Another option would be to enter all eighth notes in both staves, repeating the eighth note pitches where you want quarter notes. Then, after entering all the notes, go back and select all the repeated notes in the lower staff and change their duration to quarter notes all at once.

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There is also an Extend to Next Note command. When I’m impatient and I know how the music goes, I sometimes enter the notes for two voices in one staff with rhythm as if they were all in one voice, then move notes to the down-stem voice and fix the durations.

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Yeah I regularly use the extend to note option but hadn’t considered it for this scenario. That’s smart – so using my example above of say quarter notes against eighth notes, you would play the hands you wish to be quarter notes (as 8th notes upon entry so they line up) and then after separating voices or staves fix the durations from there to be the quarter notes you want?

Yeah that’s a decent workaround. I’ll give that a try!

Yeah previously I have tried this, and my playing and rhythm is pretty good – but invariably even after quantization the notes require so much fixing that I’ve found step input to be less maddening. I have played around with the midi input settings and buffer etc but I can never seem to get the rhythms to work right when I do real-time input – there’s always some kind of delay and overlapping notes when I play anything quickly like a trill. However, if I have an idea I just want to get out really quickly, I will still use it “downstream” as in at the end of a flow, just to capture it, without quantization, so I can refer back and fix from there.

If it’s a constant or repeating rhythm, I would get one bar (or whatever amount) set with the right voices, then repeat it and repitch.