Simultaneous "Play" of Two Montages

I’ve set up two montages tiled in tab groups: one montage with unmastered files, the other with mastered files. The unmastered files montage goes out thru the master section external gear plugin, back in thru other master section plugins, and records into the mastered files montage. The mastered files montage bypasses the master section for playback. I can double click the timeline in either montage to start play for A-B comparison between the two montages for adjustment of settings before recording.

But I’d like to be able to start play in one montage, then start play in the other montage, and have the playheads in both continue until stopped, with monitor switched between the two montages depending on which one is foremost and selected. I’d like to be able to toggle the monitor between the two with a shortcut key.

As it is, starting play in one montage stops the playhead in the other.

Is there any way to do this, with “play” continuing in both simultaneously?

The closest you can achieve is this: single clicking on the time ruler of the next montage to play switched playback from that point.
Now, with external gear, you may experience a gap while switching.

Thanks PG. That’s how I’ve been doing it (you’re right, only need to single click to start play), and for the most part it works pretty seemlessly. Just wish there was continuous play in both, and one-key toggle so you wouldn’t have to look at the screen or mouse around. Rough continuous sync in pb is something I need in a lot of cases of A-B I/O monitor.

I’ve never been able to visualize a good way to do this (analog console and digital, file pb and record, with full A-B I/O monitor capability) in one program on one computer, and only just tried this because of the discussions. In the past I’ve only been able to setup practical “pitch and catch” setups with 2 computers and 2 or 3 programs (in the 3 program setup, “pitch and catch” with a plugin at the end of the record chain).

But this setup is a definite possibility as being practical in a single program/single computer since you’ve added the ability to have a montage bypass the master section for monitor, and the ability to import master section plugins to clips. I haven’t found any major problems yet. My only question to someone doing this would be, (if they’re importing plugins to clips), wouldn’t you possibly need (or want) to export those plugins back again to the master section if mastering a new/different/alt mix of a song? Is there a way to import the clip plugins back to the master section that I’m missing?