Simultaneous recording with Cubasis LE


I just purchased an Allen & Heath ZEDi 10fx mix table which comes with a 4in/4out USB interface and is sold with Cubasis LE.
I’v connected my iPad Air with the Apple Camera kit, and it worked perfectly.

My issue : I failed trying to record 2 mics simultaneously on 2 differents tracks: I cannot see how how to select the 4 tracks from the mix table.
Is LE version supports only one single audio input or is there something I have to do to adress inputs to the right tracks on Cubasis LE?

Kind regards

Hi Matthieu,

Please find the features of Cubasis LE listed right here:


Hi Lars,

Thanks for tour answer.
Nevertheless, the features description shows 2 inputs. But when i try to record a second track, input 1 is the one recorded.
Any tip ?

Hi Mathieu_M,

Thank you for your message.

You might have a look at our available Cubasis LE tutorial, to learn how to route audio tracks to your connected audio hardware:

Hope that helps to solve the problem!