Simultaneous selection of multiple layout tabs

Greetings, folks,

Is there a way to select multiple layout tabs at once? Whenever I need to open a part layout in a new tab, I can only select one at a time, which for large ensembles is a bit tedious. For example, I’d love to be able to click ‘New Tab’, and select all of the winds, choose all parts needed in the layout list with shift and click, press ‘select’, and then have all those tabs open up at the same time.

I’m sure there’s a simple solution, but I’m not finding it in the manual or on the forum.

Thanks as always…

Not exactly what you are asking, but if you are just using Tabs to navigate between Layouts, the shortcuts are a much faster method IMO. Alt+Shift+] is Next Layout and Alt+Shift+[ is Previous Layout. W switches between Score Layout and selected Part Layout. Perhaps this isn’t helpful if you needed the Tabs for another purpose, but I rarely have more than 2 Tabs open at once in a project and just use the navigation shortcuts.

Thanks much, Fred.

I hadn’t know about the Alt+Shift+] options. Definitely a useful tool.

In terms of my own use of multiple tabs - I find it very useful for quick proofreading / compare and contrast of different layouts.

Thank you again.

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Yep, I use this one a LOT.

I also find proofreading in Print Mode to be very useful for some reason.

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That’s an interesting idea. Do you have two windows open, one with print mode and the other in write or engrave?

If it’s at the first stages of proofreading, no, because there’s always lots of tweaks. But yes I do when I have one “final” look.


Makes good sense. Thanks for the tip!