simultaneous track recording

I am shopping for either Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7. Is it true that Cubase 7 can record many tracks at once while
Artist 7 can record only one track at a time?


Where did you get such an information ? AFAIK, all depends of which tracks are ‘record armed’ (the red button with the black circle in it, in the track inspector). I used to have Cubase 4 Studio (which was more or less the equivalent of the now so-called ‘Artist’ one) and could record several tracks at once without problem.

So, unless a limitation has been put, since… :confused:

Cubase Artist Supports 128 MIDI and 64 simultaneous audio tracks…

Yep, you have wrong information. Whomever you heard that from was giving bad info.

Thanks friends
So, to record 4 audio sound sources simultaeously via a UR28M, through USB 2.0, to Cubase is easy.
Are there usual problems with digital/acoustic method?
And what do you think about the UR28M’s capabilities?

What is “digital/acoustic method”…?

There´s a dedicated forum for the UR hardware.

OK re: UR hardware
re: “digital/acoustic method”, this was just general inquiry about recording acoustic instruments.