Simultaneous use of iOS and Android SKI Remote extensions?

  1. Can the SKI Remote extensions for iOS and Android be used simultaneously?

  2. Why are the iOS and Android purchase choices so different?
    a) iOS = buy app, free SKI Remote.
    b) Android = free app, buy SKI Remote.

Leading to …
3. Why couldn’t SKI Remote be universal (one to rule them all), serving both iOS and Android devices.


the reason we are doing so, is that we can very much guarantee functionality on iOS devices but NOT on Android, because of the endless mass of different versions and devices on the market. So we decided to give Android users more freedom of testing before. Also both systems are very much different and need separate teams and development. A not unusual practice with many Apps and that you have to purchase them twice and can not cross due to many reasons, also regarding investments and distribution.


Thanks Ricardo.

But back to the key topic question, can both SKI Remotes be used simultaneously?

I ask, because while we use Android phones, we do have an iPod Touch we bought for testing our web sites on iOS (same size and Safari as iPhone 5, but many times cheaper), and it is otherwise not being used when we are using Cubase.


I have my Windows PC with Cubase and both an iPad and Android phone and tablet all equipped with iC Pro and all connect to Cubase. So yes, you can use them simultaneously. It is even possible to connect both devices at the same time.