Simultaneously mute ALL effects

Is it possible to simultaneously mute/bypass ALL effects on an instrument track? So, if I have 3 effects on a vocal channel, I want to be able to turn ALL effects on/off with a single click.

I’m using Cubasis 3 for live streaming and I want to mute my vocal effects while talking to listeners. It’s too bad these effects can’t be controlled by a MIDI Learn function.

Thank you

There are numbers of way to do it, I think the best for you would be to have 2 vocal tracks getting the same mic input, set up one that has effects for singing and another for talking perhaps with a compressor and an EQ just for the speech. Then mute the speech mic track all the way and whenever you need to talk, solo the muted track (note that you can solo muted tracks.). You can also write automation to enable/disable them during a song.

Another simple solution is to ALT+Click on the insert indicator icon on the project window, it will bypass all the insertions. You’ll need another click for sends and also you can of course forget to turn them back on when you start next song, so I think the first one should be easier and safer for liveuse. 1st idea won’t play music even if you accidentally pressed play when the talking mic is on.

Hi AcousticMartini,

For now, it’s not possible to bypass all effects via a single tap unfortunately.
Please note that MIDI Learn is on our list for future updates.

Stay well,

Appreciate the quick response and the future software update intentions.

Yes, I ended up simply creating a new vocal track and it’s an easy fix until Cubasis implements MIDI Learn. Appreciate the “solo muted tracks” suggestion too!
Thank you for the reply.