Since 8.0.20 update can not launch SL8 anymore Help!


Updated today with 8.0.20 and Spectralayers stand alone can not launch anymore (it worked with 8.0.10, same machine). I am on Win7, here is the message :
procedure entry point createdxgifactory2 could not be located in the dynamic link dxgi.dll

Please help !!

Seems 64-bit Windows 10 Version 21H1 / 64-bit Windows 11 Version 21H2 (or higher) is now the minimum configuration for SL8. Maybe it is linked to my problem ???

Vst3 plugin not working also, same message…

Win 7 is not supported.

No problems on my Win 10 machine.

Win7 was supported till 8.0.10, it was working flawlessly on my machine.
I don’t like this kind of bad surprise, there is no information telling that version 8.0.20 will break win7 compatibility…
And now how do I go back to 8.0.10 ? please help me downgrade.

No need to be sufficient here… I just need to go back to 8.0.10
Is there a link to this older version ?

You can check in the SDA and also on the Steinberg site in the Support>Downloads area.

“Supported” means it’s been tested and is known to work correctly on a given system. So even though Windows 7 wasn’t supported, you got lucky for a while.

A possible reason for it not working is that the newer version uses shared libraries in the OS, that the previous version didn’t.

Can not find an old version either on support/download nor SDA. Very frustrating. Luckily, I have kept an old installer 8.0.10 on my machine. I am now back on tracks, thanks for your responsiveness.

Always a good practice.

FYI you can tweak the latest download links to download previous versions:

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