Since Cubase 5 LHS of Hub has never worked here

Since Cubase 5 LHS of Hub has never worked here, I settled for the ‘you don’t really need it’ option. I remember some mublings about firewalls

Has it imporved? can I get it to work? Will the fail effect Cubase transit?



It has nothing to do with VST transit, it’s just a limited web browser built into the interface.

thanks Steve - how to get it to work?

If it’s not a firewall problem, I don’t know. There are many posts about it here.

Can have different reasons, I had the problem ones years ago and that was related to some .NET components that could not be found.
I used a program to log all file access on the computer while I opened the Hub, to finally get an idea what was going on.

Firewall is of course the first place to look.

Anyhow i think your best bet would be looking at the other threads for solutions.