Since I installed Cubase 11 and tried to use it, I can't access it!

Good morning? My name is Jeongmin Lee and I live in Korea. What is difficult for me to deal with Cubase is that I have tested it with a domestic screen reader, NVDA, Jaws, etc. I installed Cubase on Windows. However, if Cubase is also for Windows, it is not possible to access it with a screen reader, but it is a story that can be accessed through Jaws scripting. The problem is that it is difficult to even access Cubase with a screen reader for Windows. Is it possible to access Cubase with voiceover by installing Cubase on a Mac?! If Cubase is also for Mac, is it possible for visually impaired people to make music freely?! Due to the nature of our country, there are not many visually impaired people who know about computer MIDI, and it is difficult to find, so I am posting it here. Please reply a lot!

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This is the german part of the forum… but I guess it will be difficult for you to move your post over to the english part…?

Cubase is available for MAC as well