Since installing 8.05, cubase 7.5 performance isn't great !

I took the plunge last night and installed cubase 8.05. What a mistake ! If I load a 7.5 song into 8.05 there are very high performance spikes. The specific song that could run flawlessly in 7.5 prior to installing 8.05 now has performance spikes even in 7.05. The performance meter was much lower and more consistent in general with this track but now it is moving up and down all over the place…even more so in 8.05.

I have not installed anything else apart from 8.05 since I last checked this track was working fine in 7.5 so what the hell has happened ? :angry:

Additional: Even a new song I’ve created in 7.5 now has performance spikes. I literally have 5 instruments which I’ve never had issues with before. My system can normally handle many more instruments than this.

For the track I have: 1 x groove agent se. 2 x diva. 1 x omnisphere & 1 x zebra(HZ). This is a very simple set up and yet now I have issues with performance ! The real time meter goes up and down erratically whereas on projects prior to the new install the performance meters would be fairly stable at the lower end.

Hi, sorry for your problems…I believe there is a long line of people waiting for the update that has been put back to the middle of this month (an indication of what a mess the original CP8 was I believe) don’t let anyone tell you ‘‘it’s your system’’ until after the update, I’ve done everything humanely possible with my system but the problems persist, if I still have the problems after the update then I will accept that it’s my system, but I think the lack of mods trying to help with the problems indicates that they know the problems cannot be fixed because the problem is CP8…

best to you, Kevin :slight_smile:

This is why bootable image backups before any major installs or upgrades are lifesaving.

You could try reinstalling 7.5.

Is it possible it’s just as simple as Cubase 8 resetting the audio buffer on your audio interface to something smaller than it was before?

I would check that first.

Cheers guys. I’ve been reading a lot of threads about people having performance issues since installing. Not good eh.

I did check the audio buffer. Normally I can have it at about 128 samples without issues. Can’t now though with either program. I do remember some time ago…think it may have been cubase 6 that a program in services was causing performance spikes. I did go through the services closing down everything that wasn’t needed but this did not help.

As I said. Prior to installing cubase 8, 7.5 was running nicely. I’ll try a restore point load and see if that helps. Back to 7.5 for me until they sort out 8…assuming the restore works of course !

okay. So I uninstalled cubase 8 and things are still the same. With 7.5 I can now literally have just groove agent se with a compressor and ozone 5 running and it spikes still. What a joke ! Something is seriously F***** Up !

Did you use System Restore?

No. I didn’t have it activated unfortunately. I turned it off ages ago as back then I didn’t have much hard disk space.

I also did try to repair cubase 7.5 but that didn’t work either. I’ll try and compete uninstall and re-install of 7.5 and see if that works.

you are not alone here. Ever since installing 8, it messed up my 7.5 performance as well. Here is what I’m dealing with…

Jesus I’m frustrated:

Yo guys… for sure it is not our system… it’s C8… everyone of us have performance issues and spikes… some people less, some more… hope the update gonna work… because I’ve seriously started thinking of changing my DAW…

I’m sorry for you guys, but this (among other reports) reassures me staying away from C8…

Some people have found if you disarm recording the spikes disappear - still no solution though.

The spikes are still after update… no words for that…

Same here. Still getting spikes with a very simple setup.

I didn’t have any issues but a problem (my son ****ing around with my system!) caused me to have to reinstall Komplete - at that point I started getting all the spikes many people are on about. I have tried all combos of ASIO guard and buffer settings - what I did in the end was turn multicore on in Kontact - something both Steinberg and NI advise you against if multicore is enabled in the host - well it largely fixed my problem - the CPU isn’t as low as it was but it’s much much better - the system is usable - what I do get is high RT CPU when I load a project - if I disarm record on the currently armed MIDI channel the CPU drops off back to idle - and rearming DOESN’T bring the problem back. I have got a backup of my system at the point where it was working fine - I will end up going back to that when I have time.

What all this nonsense does show is the issue is configuration based - and it is possible for a config to work without spiking in CB8 - as there was a time with CB8 where my system was perfect - however - I haven’t got the time or inclination to find the issue. I barely get enough time to make music these days let alone spending it mucking around with the PC!

I’ve got a Steinberg interface so if it turns out to be a ASIO/Interface issue I’ll be most miffed! I bought Steinberg hardware primarily to reduce the likelihood of issues.