Since last update - change in edit/write/engrave menus?

I’ve noticed since the update that the menus for the above mentions functions are now in one column as opposed to being split so that I have to scroll down to find things like device setup. Is there a way to get this to split again?

No, it’s intentional that all the menus should be shown as a single column. The only menu that should be long enough not to fit on your display is probably Edit, and possibly Write. What is your screen resolution set to? You may benefit from a larger display if it’s possible to use one with your computer.

I will think about how to reduce the length of the Edit and Write menus a bit, since we will only want to add more items to these menus as the software matures.

I have a 15" laptop with screen res set at 1377x768, the highest setting. In the write menu I have 11 items out of view, about the same with engrave also. It may be a small thing but it was so much easier with the previous format and seems like changing something that worked perfectly well.