Since someone brought up the C7 word

What improvements or features would you like to see?

Personally for starters I’d like to see the basic workflow cleaned up

Audio and midi tracks the same…I don’t like the way you have a Vsti midi track and then you have an Vsti audio track which drops down to the bottom of the project in a folder which then you then have to move, it’s archaic. If you assign more outputs to the Vsti then a track should just be added below the original Vsti track.

Reordorable mixer channels with the option to be linked to the project window…what year is this?

Group and efx tracks that drop to the bottom of the project in that friggin folders grrrr get rid of that folder and have it drop down beneath the current selected track.

I know it’s not going to go away but I don’t like Media Bay at all. I admit that I don’t use loops like some others do but take a look at Studio Ones Browser, One stop shop.

The features I’d love to see is something like Protools grouping, Studio Ones track list and event based effects

I’m sure I can think of more but those are my main wants :smiley:

multitimbral & multi out for instruments track + sort of mediabay windows preset on each insert slot & more (10) pre insert slot + a “touch” windows style ! and…

This is my favourite thread ! :mrgreen:

1 - I’d like some mixer improvements :

  • being able to color the whole channel strip
  • being able to view inserts and sends at the same time
  • being able to move around channels in the mixer

2- I’d like to be able to name the new tracks right in the dialog box when we create them

3- I’d like to be able to rename the plugins in the instrument rack so I no more have to deal with 4 or 5 instances of ‘Kontakt’, ‘VE Pro’ or ‘Play’.

Thanks Steinberg, I know you’re great people !

Aloha guys and +1
I agree with them all.

My favs so far:

-Reordorable mixer channels with the option to be linked to the project window.
-being able to move around channels in the mixer
(I think these two are the same)

-to be able to rename the plugins in the instrument rack

-to be able to name the new tracks right in the dialog box when we create them


some good ones already mentioned, plus:

1 - ARA Audio Random Access!
2 - Freeze improvements (movable, being able to freeze groups, etc)
3 - drum editor enhancements that make it easier to program. (what beat designer was supposed to be)
4 - like other software, an option to go without a dongle.
5 - better performance, like reaper.
6 - easier ways to copy and move tracks between projects, more drag and drop stuff like being able to drag and drop a midi file onto the desktop, etc.
7 - drum map in project view, or at the very least show a drum map on a midi drum track when using Edit in Place!!! (that seems like an unfinished feature.)
8 - improvements on the midi plugs, something similar to Catanya, etc.
9 - drag around/reorder instruments in the rack
10 - high quality sample rate converter or maybe an Oversampling feature for all tracks.

a bonus would be better video, like being able to add more than one video track and edit and export video including support for 3rd party video effects like vegas Movie Studio, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Hide Unused Tracks.

not in a folder, I mean invisible.


Also, docked Instrument Rack with drag and drop to create the above instrument track (see Studio One), and Track List (again see Studio One version 2). I thought I was going to be ready to jump from Cubase when Studio One had what came out in version 2, but I am seeing that I am comfortable in Cubase aside from a few layout changes such as these I just mentioned.

I’m not one for complaining but something that really bugs me is…

When I have multiple projects in Cubase, when I load another it asks me if I want to activate the project… all fine and dandy.

But when I close a project, Cubase automatically activates the next project in the list without asking and inevitably it’s not the one I want to work on.

My request would therefore be, that when shutting down a project with multiple projects loaded, Cubase asks which project you want to activate.

  • Fades/volume handles on audio parts (that’s parts folks, not events)
  • A bypass switch for the automatic MIDI lane slice ‘n’ dice fiasco
  • An “override snap” modifier key for the arrow tool
  • Documentation for the hundreds of commands available to use in macros.
  • More “absolute” macro commands instead of “toggle” commands eg “set snap off” instead of “toggle snap on or off”. Then they will actually be useful in a macro.
  • Larger aux slider handles
  • Free routing (so I can create feedback loops for delays etc)
  • Single command to bounce down a MIDI track and replace it with the audio, adding the correct inserts, sends and bus routing.
  • Rename VSTi instances in the rack
  • Better algorithms for variaudio
  • Formant correction in variaudio

+1 on all of these apart from the last 2 because I’ve never used variaudio.

I´d appreciate a serious attempt to solve the windows resizing problem.
It`s embarrassing that this is still an issue in version 6.

id like to see a kitchen sink and a decent coffee maker or im off to reason !!! :astonished: :astonished: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Cubase 7 should provide a proper home for Sly Stone. It’s scandal.

This annoys me to death every time. If I wanted it at the bottom, I’d select the bottom track first.

Larger aux slider handles

This! Also it takes a lot of clicking just to send to an FX or Group track. Imagine you have 20 drum tracks, it’s pretty annoying.

Better algorithms for variaudio

This is very important, IMO. I’d like the ability to render with a different algorithm. Try to time correct a bass track in VariAudio, it’s impossible. That algorithm totally ruins the sound, it adds very nasty artifacts even with small adjustments.

ARA!!! Yes!

A big problem that should certainly be addressed is the frequent errors that keep popping up with all versions of Cubase 5 and 6. I believe this is a rather common problem, even for C6 users. Trash the prefs is getting old and not working for very long. There needs to be a way to keep Preferences files from getting corrupted, IT IS TICKING ME OFF!!! :angry:

Also, especially for Windows, I’d like to see some of the older platforms supported, not just the newest…for EVERY Steinberg DAW.

I’ve been using C6 since it was released and have never trashed my prefs.

I also don’t want them worrying about supporting XP or other old OSs on their upcoming releases. If you want to use an old OS, use an old DAW.

If you take a good look around the forum there are plenty of Cubase users that keep having to trash their preferences from time to time (myself included).

Anyway, as far as Windows platform compatability goes, I think many hesitate to purchase Cubase because they have XP or Vista. That definitely warrants Steinberg attention. However, I do agree that XP and Vista should not be supported at the expense of top notch support and functionality with Win 7.

As I look around the forums I see lots of folks who DON’T trash their prefs. So the question is, what is it about your workflow, hardware, software etc… that causes you to have to kill your prefs.

Yes, I could have a computer related problem. However, it is evident that Cubase crashing is a substantial problem for more than a few Cubase users. Steinberg themselves admit it when they advise you to trash your preferences after Cubase crashes. Better file management is an improvement I am hoping for in Cubase 7.