Since there is VariAudio in the Cubase Pro, do we need the melodyne any more?

Here is a list of the highlight from Melodyne. I think most of them is already included in VariAudio

Modifying the pitch

Modifying the pitch drift

Modifying the pitch modulation

Modifying the position

Modifying the length

Modifying the volume

Shifting the formant spectrum

Modifying the pitch transition between notes

Modifying the volume transition between notes

Shifting the formant spectrum of transitions between notes

Timing (re-)quantization

Manually or via macro

Quantization of one track based on the timing of another

Pitch quantization

Manually or via macro

Transferring melodies from track to track without changing the instrument sound of the destination track

Cut, copy, and paste

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VariAudio is great, especially with the changes in version 10. Multitrack editing is what I like the most about Melodyne Studio here. Once ARA2 shows up it will really speed up the work flow with Melodyne as it is in StudioOnePro. VariAudio is quicker at this point to me. :sunglasses: .

What he said! The big plus for VariAudio is the integration in Cubase, the downside is it’s monophonic. Melodyne standalone is also way better at tempo detection than Cubase. It all depends on whether those key differences warrant the outlay, which in turn depends on your specific needs.

Modifying the position X
Variaudio can not even move a single note left or right. You have to drag both sides one by one.
Variaudio editor is not equipped with grid snapping and even grid indicator(only 4/4).

Modifying the volume transition between notes X
impossible. If you adjust the volume of one note, the sound connection is not smooth.

Shifting the formant spectrum of transitions between notes X
For the same reason, it does not naturally connect between notes.

Quantization of one track based on the timing of another X
Audio Alignment is not available with Variaudio, and I have never seen this feature work properly.

There are many other problems. Please read my feature request thread.

Use case: simple pop stuff.

For fine tuning pop vocals, VariAudio in Cubase 10 is great and much improved from the previous version. I use Melodyne for polyphonic stuff(eg guitar chords), VariAudio is fine/quicker for monophonic audio.

My bandmates /clients are often amazed by what is possible, and how quick stuff can be repaired.

Beside the polyphonic, Melodyne has a better note range. I use it a lot on basses too…