Since (upgrading?) to V12, i have been left very disappointed

Since (upgrading?) to V12, i have been left very disappointed. Missing content, still having to connect my dongle for Halion content and now, since latest update, nothing resolved. I think Steinberg ought to have a long look at themselves, after this shambles. Been a Cubase user for decades but I’m now considering a change.

Forgot to mention the non-existent support!

Are you using Halion Sonic SE? (The version included with cubase?) If so, if you use the Steinberg Download Assistant and select the version of Cubase you own, try installing both HALion Sonic and its associated content package from there. This should get your licensing back in sync (and free you from the dongle). If you’re talking about separately-purchased instruments/addons that’s another matter.


Tried reinstalling etc, to no avail. Now in v12 i get the cant create record track message!! It just seems to be one issue after another. I’m now having to work with 3 different versions of Cubase, just to maintain my workflow and having to spend more time addressing these issues, than actually creating music.
I’m afraid this is a deal-breaker, Steinberg. I can no longer justify all the wasted energy, at my time of life!!

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Oh Aye! Forgot to mention the non-existant support…