Sine Generator - Strange harmonic behaviour on analyser


I am seeing harmonics and a low end up being produced from a sine wave on the Cubase test generator. Is this produced by the Cubase test generator, or am I experiencing some kind of bug here. A pure sine wave should not produce any harmonics? Please check out the screenshot

If someone could clarify that would be greatly appreciated!


I don’t see these harmonics on the Steinberg Studio EQ analyzer.

And if I export the file, it looks like perfect sine to me. Could you try to export the audio and inspect the exported file? What does the analyzer say? Which analyzer do you use, please?

Hi martin,

thanks for the response. i have attatched another screenshot using both supervision and the kirchoff eq analyser. Once I import the exported file i still see the same harmonics.

Attached are

the screenshots. when i do the same test in pro tools I am not seeing any harmonics on the analyzer.


The harmonics show more nicely in Supervision if the decibel scale is lowered accordingly:

All ok above -100dB

And here is a test tone made with Melda’s Oscillator (Supervision unchanged):

I used these settings for Supervision:

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the reply! I copied your settings and that has cleared things up. Contrary to what I thought, I supposed not all test generators are made equal. That makes sense now


Haha, just for fun I tried a sine wave in Retroluge 2. It is more pure than the one in the TestGenerator.

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