SINE Player: LA Studio Strings

I’ve created a Playback Template for the Strings in Orchestral Tools’ “LA Studio” library.

I bought the Violins ages ago, and had kind of written them off; but against my better judgment I bought the matching Viola And Cello. (Sadly no Bass.)

Although there’s only a few (useful) articulations, I think they are really nice. Surprisingly light, they work well with early music, and they could even pass for single players.

I think I’ve finally got to grips with the SINE Player, too.

In this library, and others, I’ve used the “Marcato” or similar as a “short” note. This means adjusting the volume levels to offset any accent. I usually turn up the Sustain sample, because OT samples are always quiet compared to my other libraries.

The Legato ‘change’ has its own volume. By increasing this to c. 1 dB or so, you get a bit more ‘edge’ on each note, which helps with the general attack, and also on repeated notes.

I’ve created separate Expressions for Medium or longer, Short, and Very Short notes. Different pieces may need different treatments, so you can change the key switch for each one – for instance, making Very Short the same as Short; or making Short the same as Medium.

Here’s the playback Template:

LA Studio (43.4 KB)