Sing Something (grungy metal video)

This is my track: “Sing Something” made with cubase 5 and Groove agent 3.

I recorded it at home


Not exactly my style but cleaver and well done (cool that you wrapped it into a home made video!). Only 3 comments I’d offer…

Re-render the video and see if you can reduce the green cast to the color (unless you meant it to be that way).

In listening for a bit, it strikes me that the video, while it’s well filmed and very clever, somehow seems a bit dissonant. What I mean is, the song is very hard sounding but the video is of a rather clean cut guy, driving a pretty nice car through what appears to be a rather pleasant English countryside in the background…too pretty for the song maybe???

Maybe consider re-shooting the video and getting a harder look…a bit more attitude so to speak. Older red brick buildings…harder, industrial type surroundings???

Sounds like you’ve got some very serious compression on the main bus. When everything’s kicking hard it pumps like crazy. Maybe back it off just a hair to reduce that a touch?

All the best,


Dude I enjoyed that!

Like Karl noticed, during the “chorus” or heavy part, the guitars are really pumping. My question is: is that what you were after? Because as an effect it actually is interesting. But if you wanted a defined attack on the guitars during that part you might slow down the attack time on the comp/limiter

Personally, I liked the video just how it is… contrasting the heavy metal with the clean cut guy suggests there’s a good deal of angst in all of us – I like that concept.

It’s the drums that are causing the pumping…there’s a section, mid way into the track, where the drums back off a bit and, as a result, the pumping goes away (listen to the vocals and you’ll hear the pumping effect dis-appear when the drums back off). It’s not an inherantly “bad” sound…to my ears, it’s just noticeable here and I’m not sure it “add’s” to the track. Entirely a personal preference thing.

I can see this too…either contrast the video with the music or make them more congruent. Either approach is entirely valid. I guess I would say that, it’s present form, to my eye’s, isn’t visually gripping. The music is cranking and pumping and see’ing it attached to a video is, initially interesting but the visuals dont grab me and hold my attention thru the entire song. Perhaps thats what I’m sensing…maybe I’m imagining that a more raw and harsh look to the visuals would be more emotionally gripping???

A very neat, clever and imaginative bit of work in any event.

If it were England he’d be driving on the wrong side of the road! :open_mouth: :wink:
Looks like Germany to me.

Not really my cup of tea, but it sounds good.
I’m only having trouble to make out what you’re singing…

Anyway, nice job on the song and the video.


HA :laughing: true! But when I watched it holding my laptop upside down it looked remarkably like England :confused: !

Hi Karl, twilightsong and HornForHire,

First of all, thanks for watching and listening to this track.

Then, i just want to answer a few questions :
Yes Karl, the chorus part pumps a lot but i liked it as i mixed it. I think it gives a heavier side to the chorus, but it’s only my opinion and i consider yours.

About the video: yes it’s really green, maybe too much (my girlfriend said so too), but my philosophy is more “i’ll do better next time” because i want to go forward. That’s why i won’t shoot a video for this song again.

Where i shot the video: I’m french. but i live on the border with Germany. So i’m driving in France, but really near Germany (between Lauterbourg and Strasbourg)

I look forward to see’ing the next one!

All the best,


PS…beautiful countryside you’re in. When I was in the Army, many years ago,I was stationed in Germany (Oppenheim, central Germany, on the Rhine). Got to Paris once and loved it. Beautiful city! I hope to return someday and spend a month or so bumming about the country.

In the last few years I’ve developed a real taste for French independent films as well.

I assume you mean you live in Alsace. I was there once, and yes, it’s gorgeous. I also assume you speak fluent German, too?

Yes, I speak fluent German…
I’m thinking about posting a french song… It could be interesting in here.

A new french song is coming soon…

When I read “Grungy Metal Video” I was expecting to SEE grunge! Well, I heard plenty but didn’t actually see any grunge :confused:

I’m not a big metal fan, but I was more interested in the video really as I’ve been dabbling with video quite a lot myself lately. :sunglasses:

I can see you gone to some trouble to use different camera angles which I know takes time but definitely worth the effort! :slight_smile: It makes it more interesting from the viewers perspective.

I get the point Twilight made:

contrasting the heavy metal with the clean cut guy suggests there’s a good deal of angst in all of us

but personally I would have liked to have seen much darker imagery… maybe even render parts of the footage in high-contrast black and white? I also wondered if faster, tempo-based cuts would work better at times - it would mean a lot more editing but I reckon that would make it look and feel more frenetic and frantic. I assumed the cyan/green colour cast was deliberate but I actually think you can get MORE extreme with that idea… altered colour balance and even use a posterised look at times. Anyway just some thoughts…


I agree with what others have posted, but at least I was glad to see you wore your seatbelt and obeyed traffic laws! Music sounds great, but you should at least have some sort of tatoo up and down your arm, maybe a nail through your eyebrow!