Singer wants key change ......

This video shows how I dealt with the fact that our singer wanted to change the key of the song after we already recorded several parts:

Have you ever been in this situation ? How did you deal with it ?


Did you prepare in advance which key the singer would feel most comfortable to sing in?

If you didn’t, then it’s your fault.

If you did, and the singer still demands changes of keys, stick your dick in his/her mouth.

Ha ha … well the situation is slightly different and it’s not really about whose to blame, because there is no commercial relationship here. It’s the singer of the band that I’m the guitar player in and we rehearsed this song many times. We did change the key towards the end of the pre-production for his voice, which then seemed fine. But later appeared to strain his voice too much. I explained it in the video, as well as how we’re tackling the situation.

Thanks for your reply,