Singers Playback as Instruments

I have discovered that many people prefer the sound of woodwinds or other instruments to the sound of sampled choral voices. What would be the simplest way to have a choral score that lists voice parts as expected but plays back as other instruments? Thank you very much.

Set up the score as those “other” instruments and change the player names?

I would recommend going the other way – Use SATB instruments and change the patches in the synth editor – because vocal staves properly put dynamics above the staff.

I considered that, but concluded playback issues might occur which could confuse the unwary. I’ll admit I forgot the dynamics issue!

I agree with you. Better to have it look like a vocal score and change playback.

I decided on Mark’s approach. thanks!

Yes, this is what I often do myself. When you’ve changed the sounds to your preferred woodwinds, make sure that you also go into the Endpoint Setup dialog and change the chosen expression maps for each of the sounds you have manually replaced.