Singers suddenly missing

In the Setup phase of a new project I can no longer find Bass singers, either solo or sectional. Problem persists after restarting. Using Dorico Pro 5 on an hp laptop with Windows 10. Any ideas?

Welcome to the forum. When you type “Bass,” do you see this, or something different?

I click on the Singers and see Sopranos Altos and Tenors but no Basses. I may have messed something up. New to Dorico.

Here’s what I see when I do it that way (this machine is still running 4, but I’ve added a bass successfully on my other computer running 5, and I doubt anything has changed between versions here).

Is this what you see?

I used to see this but the Bass and Baritone voices are suddenly missing.

Have you made any changes to the Instrument definition XML file? (If that’s gibberish to you, the answer is no. :sunglasses: )

Ok then, no.

I’m afraid I don’t know, then. You might try a fresh install, or wait until someone smarter weighs in.

O wait: I did import some XML files generated by Finale 26. I was successful in that the music was copied into Dorico. is there any way I could have inadvertently changed the instrument definition?

No, that’s totally unrelated. I was referring to a system file that Dorico uses to generate instruments.

OK then, I will try your suggestion of a fresh install. Do I need to install all files or just the Dorico 5 file?
They take a while to load.

Definitely not the sound files. (the big ones)

OK good. Thanks for your help.

Have you made any changes in the Instrument editor?

See this post. This is a bug in Dorico 5.0.10 and reinstalling it will not help. Daniel is aware of the bug and will fix it ASAP.

Edit: In the meantime, if you need SATB section players, you can add the 4-part Choir (SATB) ensemble in Setup mode.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Same for my viola instrument. I could get it back adding a string section ensemble, and dragging the viola into my solo player (and deleting the useless section players after that)

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Adding an unaccompanied choir worked for me. I could even duplicate players to create SSAATTBB and add other instruments.