Any plans to have vocal lines that can actually sing words?
East West Symphonic Choirs can do it, but it’s such a palaver to create using phonetics, and it will only work if you start playback from the very beginning of the file every time you want to hear the words sung. OK for a short piece, but for a long choral work virtually impossible.
Surely technology has moved on now to make this far more easily achievable.

Yamaha has some interesting technology in this area, called Vocaloid, currently mostly used for producing none-more-Japanese virtual pop singers:

We are interested in trying to find out whether this technology could be used to reproduce singing from within scoring software, but unfortunately it’s not something we can spare the time to look into in detail just yet. Hopefully in the future.

Thanks Daniel
I wasn’t expecting it to make the earlier manifestations of Dorico, but it’s good to know that it might be a future consideration.

Myriad has a product called “Virtual Singer”, which is integrated into its “PDF to Music Pro”, “Melody Assistant” and “Harmony Assistant” products which might be of some interest:





Are there chances that the Virtual Singer plugin of Myriad will get supported by Dorico?
For rehearsal purposes I use the Melody Assistant with this plugin often for my choir members.
I would be delighted if this could be done within Dorico some day.

Oh my word… I listened to the english link. What…the…? ReRei-- does this actually HELP your choir? I can’t fathom this producing results worth emulating…

Of course it does help. For practicing the melody, rhythm and even words it is sufficient.
Surely it doesn’t sound good. But neither does the playback of Dorico so far.

If there would be something better out there which is as easy to use as this plugin I would switch. But I haven’t found anything comparable to this cheap and time saving small app so far. Do you have suggestions?

When I use apps they have to save time for me. Otherwise they are of no use.
It’s an imperfect solution in an imperfect world. :slight_smile:
But better than nothing…

Does anyone, (team member or otherwise), have any new insights on this topic? It has been almost two years since the last post and I’m really curious. A long time ago when I was still using Sibelius, I looked into the East/West thing mentioned in the first post in this thread, but couldn’t figure out a way to make it useful.

News? Thoughts? Mental projections?