Singing in Tune

i watched the new Voice uk 2017 on saturday and i have to say i was very pleasantly surprised , all the singers were of great quality and singing in tune live which seems very strange nowadays .it had got to the point where it seemed nobody in britain could sing anymore on all these dumb reality shows ,maybe we`ve turned a corner and Auto Tune will become a thing of the past ha ha . i can sing intune but i need a plugin to make me sound like paolo nutini.

Maybe they use Waves Tune Real-Time

no man i have faith in some humans , pre 1990`s if they were singing in tune on record they were singing in tune full stop,so people like that do exist out there

That’s good news. One of my pet peeves is how singing has gone downhill steadily since the 1940s. The decline accelerated in the 1980s, and now singing out of tune is so common in commercial music that most people don’t seem to notice it any more. There are other manifestations of incompetence that go along with singing out of tune, such as glottal attack, nasal tone, voice breaks, choppy slurs instead of an open throat sound, and so on. Some entertainers try to impress with feats of vocal range and agility that are so far beyond their actual abilities; the results are unpleasant and embarrassing. Yet I look around and nobody else is cringing.

I’d like to think the time is right for a renaissance too. I believe we also need a return to tuneful melodies. Deadpan melodies don’t give much room for a good singer to shine. I doubt we’ll see this coming from the money men. Their “artists” have more important things to do than sing.

Doing the ole’ closing one ear really helps too.

good name for a band :laughing:

closing both is even better sometimes :laughing:

Too many vocal acrobats these days… like its “okay” to butcher a known melody with improvisations that incorporate wild interval swings and note lengths…

Example - if anyone watched the Obama farewell speech last night, the chap that sang the national anthem… Its a very powerful melody, but he simply went wild with his improvs, to the point where I found it embarrassing. And I am a Canuck!


Perhaps he got paid by the note? :laughing:

once upon a time only Stevie Wonder sang like that.

It was tasteful and unique then… :sunglasses: :laughing:

TBH, I thought it was distracting back then, not a winner.

Not nearly as annoying as what it’s morphed into. I agree, that Star Spangled Banner was atrocious. Besides the ability to land on and stick the notes about as well as a six year old playing a slide whistle, he didn’t even try to hit the high notes.


ha ha just watched it,first though i think he is a great singer although seemed to rush from one phrase to the next so we could probs correct that with vari audio :laughing: , he threw a “yeah” into the mix ,i was expecting maybe a couple of "babys" .probs didnt use auto tune the trills were maybe too fast for that although i can`t be 100%
if we make it to next weekend i wonder if Trump will use the Hendrix version

There are millions of brillient singers, finding a decent songwriter is a different story.

watched the second show in the seriese voice uk 2017 and it seems normal viewing is resumed and were back to average singers again who probably know and use auto tune ,seems this road only had one corner ,dont pack away the auto tune just yet :frowning:


4 out of 10(ish) people can sing in tune, roughly 1 in 10 with good timing too. Obviously only those who want to take it further bother developing those skills and become what we’d recognise as a singer - but that still results in a huge body of people out of 7+ billion people who walk the earth, I go to open mic nights a lot and see no end of singing talent - good songs and good song writers? Well, that’s a different story! You really are down to 1 in ? thousand. Brilliant singers really are ten-a-penny in the big scheme of things - but how many of them are also good showmen and entertainers? This is also important - singing may be considered to be the key part of any popular song (and it is) - but it’s strangely one of the easier skills to track down.

don`t know where you get your stats from. but i take your point.