Singing Plants

I don’t know if anyone saw this before, but here it is. Not very surprising if you ask me, except the plants teaching other plants to sing!

Amazing Phenomenon Of Singing Plants

Heh, funny stuff. I hope that this is not government funded research though :sunglasses:
You can make anything make music this way, although it’s interesting if the plant actually reacts to the presence of certain people.

Very interesting but instead of just playing that ‘bell’ patch,
I’d like to hear some other synth sounds.
Like a raunch guitar patch or some kickass drums.

Now let’s hear some ‘PlantRock’!

Was that a Yamaha sound module box on the table?

Robert Plant?..

Stevie Wonder … The Secret Life Of Plants?

I played the 1st video to a couple of artists last night and they thought I was kidding. I had to hand over the laptop to show them I wasn’t making it up.

Yeah, plants have feelings and can teach other plants to sing too :laughing:

Are plants intelligent? Well, I’ve never heard a plant say anything as stupid as this:

Certainly a rose bush is more deserving of a Nobel Prize. 'Nuff said. :wink:


funny but it’s set up to produce a premeditated result, and it’s not exactly like the “researchers” are not part of the process. It’s more like 99% human / 1 % plant. I mean what else could the plant have done than producing a small electrical current. It’s a freakin’ trap! :laughing:

And look at the other stuff out in the right margin of that page. “First we design the desired results and then we find a way to get there? Yep, that’s a good method!”. That kind of corrupted mentality creeps me out:

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You know … eeeerrrr, nice shock value but … :laughing: WTF, how could they present this with a straigt face? :unamused:

What actually gets to me is this kind of disformation ruins the signal/noise ration and makes people waste their time on dead end streets in search for useful solutions for the future. It’s not this site in particular but the pseudo research community in general that supports anything that’s mysterious for no particular reason other than it gets them an adrenalin kick and a fantasy trip. They can do that as much as they want but don’t present it as real research with useful implications, because it’s not!

Yeah, that’s a great album!

Here’s another plant-theme-tune that should not be forgotten … Call Any Vegetable by Frank Zappa.

According to Frank his favourite vegetable was tobacco, believe or not. I wonder if a tobacco plant would sound anything like Frank…?

Mauri :wink: .

I would imagine a tobacco plant to have a low throaty voice with a bad cough, probably just like Frank :laughing:

Good one S,

Wonder what a pot plant would sound like?
Snoop Dawg?

That’s it, no more ‘fatties’ for me :astonished: :wink: .


You been reading the mixerman diaries ?