Single Audio Slice Quick Key Help


I’m wondering if there is a way to set up a quick key to slice a single spot on an audio region at the cursor (the cross thing) location. I’m still pretty green with Cubase and must just be missing something.

I can identify the hitpoints and then I see a command for slicing all those hitpoints into slices, but I don’t want to chop up all my audio, just slice at an exact location to divide the audio. I want to navigate to a hitpoint and hit a key command (in PT I believe it is command-E) that slices at that exact location.

Right now I’m navigating to a hitpoint, then select the slice tool, making sure to line up to the exact spot with the cursor is and then execute the slice, often having to zoom deep in to make sure I’ve done it correctly. It’s slow, tedious and though you can see when the slice tool and the cursor line up b/c of the color change, it is more rife for error.

If anyone has some clarification or can point out what I’m missing, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Alt-x rings a bell - Split at cursor is the command. Maybe that’ll help?


That was perfect, Mike. Thanks for the help.

I wish I could get the cursor to follow the pointer so there was less mouse navigation, but I’m glad this part was simple.