Single bar rest settings

Is there a way to have the “1” shown above single bar rests for some sections of a piece and hidden for others?

Not natively. You could place an empty text object in the center of the bars you didn’t want a “1” on.

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This sounds very odd to me. Could you explain, why you want to do this?

Thanks @dan_kreider
@HeiPet : It’s for situations like this (see screenshot) where you have bars that are not metered and instead measured in seconds. I don’t want the “1” above these bars, but I do want it above all normally-metered single bars of rest in the parts.

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Here’s a little workaround:

  1. Select the multi-rest “1”.
  2. Write > Create Chord Symbol Region.


Thanks for the explanation. Now it sounds reasonable for me. :slight_smile: