Single-bar rests become multirests!

I have the most bizarre situation here, I seem to have poisoned my Dorico score with the most odd behaviour!

I am working on an orchestral score, and I am up to the stage where I am editing the parts to prepare them for printing. I was just working through the Harp part and hiding a few single bar rests in certain staves, in order for manually-inserted gliss lines to pass through them.

I’ve done this many times and all was going as planned, but I have three left to do and I don’t know what I clicked on, but from now on when I am in Engrave Mode and click on a single bar rest - in any part - and then reveal the properties panel, and click on any of the switches in the Common section, the description below changes from “Bar rest” to “Multi-bar rest”. In grand staves, the rest I’ve clicked on turns orange and the one underneath turns blue. I have tried pressing delete and backspace and this has no effect. Only “Undo” will reverse this effect.

I tried opening a different score and this pattern is not repeated. Does anyone have any idea where I’ve gone wrong?!

Most likely, if this is a problem linked to a particular project, you’ll need to share it for anyone to give further advice.

I was clued-in by the fact that Dorico didn’t know what bar number it was. The client has free time alongside metric time signatures and I had renumbered the bar at the end of this, but they weren’t lining up somehow. Anyway I did some rejigging and sorted it all out.