Single click registering as double click?

Hey all,

Not totally sure that it’s a Dorico issue, but as I only notice the issue when I’m using Dorico, and with the diversity of users on here that might be able to help, I thought I’d pose this here -

When I go to select passages of music I click on a note, then hold down shift and drag the score around looking for the end point of the selection, and click on that - quite often it results in either selecting that single note (i.e. losing the start of the selection) or worse, entering note entry at that point.

Quite frequently when I go to select a note it’s giving me note entry (a carat) instead.

I think what’s happening is that instead of a single click it is registering a double click. It could easily be a hardware issue - the mouse I’m using is a logitech G403, plugged into a CalDigit dock, and then into the Laptop by Thunderbolt. I also have a trackpad on my laptop which could equally be playing up (it does sometimes happen when the battery warps).

Anybody have any expertise or tools I can use to hunt down this problem? It is highly annoying.

Many thanks