Single Clip Edit in a Multi-clip Montage

I may be dreaming, but I seem to remember being able to select any clip in a timeline / lineup in a montage (WAVE LAB 7, 8.x) to edit specific EQ, Dynamics etc to just this one clip, then optioning to return to the montage’s timeline where that clip resides (now with all my new edits). I now operate Wave Lab 9.5 and am wondering if this type of operation can be done in 9.5 or not. Can someone with information about this please enlighten me.

Are you talking about inserting Clip Effects to an entire clip, or section of a clip? Or something more advanced?

More advanced, i’m talking about EQ, Dynamics, etc!!

I think Jason’s question remains. Do you mean applying effects to a whole clip? If so, you could right click on the clip name and select ‘add effect’.

Or if you want to apply effects to the source audio then right click on the lower half of the waveform display and select ‘edit source’ to open the source file in the audio editor, and edit the source audio as required, and then go back to the montage.

WIth Clip Effects you can insert any plugin for EQ, dynamics, and more.

I think you may need to be more clear about what you mean if it’s not Clip Effects.

I remember something about an envelope tool but I never really used it and it’s probably still there.

I tried Clip Effects but did not see where I could add things like EQ and Dynamics, but what I will do is look again and upodate you. Thanks for all of the replies.

With Clip Effects you can insert any VST2/VST3 plugin that you can insert anywhere else in the montage or the global master section. There are only a few exceptions of plugins that can’t be inserted as Clip FX such as Resampler and External Gear.

Otherwise all other built in and 3rd party plugins are generally available as Clip FX. It’s part of the beauty of Wavelab and the montage workflow.

Hi Justin, you are absolutely correct. I experimented further and found the I can, per clip, add additional processing without affect the other clips on the timeline. It works even better than my past experience with 7, and 8.5

Thank you all very much for your candor and expedience, I sincerely do appreciate it.

No problem. I don’t think there have been any major changes with Clip FX since version 7 and 8 but I could be wrong.

With Clip FX, you can put plugins on entire songs for individual song settings, or even split a song into more than one clip for changes in Clip FX processing throughout the song, and none of it is destructive.

You can even automate the wet/dry blend of clip FX plugins, WaveLab’s first steps to plugin automation.

Thanks again Justin, your input was awesome!!