Single label for percussion kit in grid style

Hi everyone! Is there a way to display a single label for a percussion kit in grid style? For example, I want to display “Congas” instead of smaller-font-sized “Conga 1” and “Conga 2” for each line in the two-line grid.

Pop the instruments into a group, then the group name gets displayed in the staff label.

Thank you Lillie! But I meant in the score staff labels.

Captura de Pantalla 2021-01-12 a la(s) 11.45.29 a. m.

I would like to have it display: “Bongoes,” “Congas,” and “Woodblocks,” respectively.

Yes, group those instruments in their respective kits.

They are already grouped in their respective kits

Hmm, it’s working here for me. Have you definitely added a group containing those individual instruments in the grid presentation in the Edit Percussion Kit dialog?

How can I add the label?

Follow the instructions in the link I posted above for creating groups of instruments in the grid presentation for percussion kits, then follow the instructions in the link I posted for renaming groups :wink:

Ohhhhhhh! I got it. I’m sorry for wasting your time… I’m kind of slow today. I was confusing making separate instruments into a kit with making a group of instruments inside that kit. Thank you very much Lillie.