Single Large Time Signature for Piano

I’m trying to create a single large time signature for a piano part, but Dorico creates larger time signatures for each staff of the piano part. Am I missing something or is this not possible?


I think this is only possible if you bracket the two piano staves together, rather than use the default brace.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try that. Is this something that can be changed in an update? I would think that it should work with the default brace.

You should be able to do this in the piano part, actually: set ‘No brackets’ on the Brackets and Braces page of Layout Options, then set ‘Show once per bracket’ on the Time Signatures page.

Good heavens, how is anyone supposed to figure that out?

Thanks for the response Daniel. I think the issue may be with my wording. It is the piano part in the full score that I’m trying to fix. I’ve attached a picture so you can see. All of the choral parts get a single time signature, but the piano gets one for each staff.

I agree that the smaller time signatures on the Piano part (and in like situations) of a full score strikes me as distracting. It would be better IMO if it did not appear at all in such situations. The large signatures in a full score preclude the need for time signatures to appear on each instrument group as far as I can see.

I do like the time signatures in each group, for larger scores especially, and I think that is the tradition, but maybe an option to have a single time signature per entire ensemble would be a good choice too?

My preference with large time signatures is to have them all the same size and to be allowed to apportion them vertically to appropriate selected instrument sections (since not all full scores have the same dispositions of instruments).

Brian, your other option for the time being is to set ‘Instruments between brass and strings’ to ‘Treat as single bracket’ on the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options. Depending on what other percussion, keyboard and harp instruments you have in your project, this might do the trick.

Thanks Daniel. Unfortunately, this piece is choir and piano so that creates a single time signature for the whole ensemble. Good to know for future reference though.