Single-line percussion part with two sound sources?

I’m desperately trying to write a single-line percussion part with two sound sources: one below the line and the other above. Read a lot in this forum, youtube;…but I din’t found my answer!

I tried Layout Options-> Single-line-Instruments and it gives me two lines.
I tried combine Instruments into kit I also got 2 lines
To have something like this (whatever the sounds)
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If you use one, single-line percussion instrument but give it at least two techniques, you can set one technique to be positioned above the staff line and the other below. Then when you’re inputting notes, make sure you select the “above line” technique for where you want a note on top of the line, and likewise for below the line.

Thanks for your assistance but I can’t get anything : the notes stay at the same position: what is wrong?:

For the moment, I am content to use the famous phrase of Cage :

Are you definitely inputting those notes with different techniques selected, not just adding e.g. lyrics or text with L/R? See step 5 for doing this during note input here, or these steps for changing the technique after input.

I tried all possibilities before, after and with your two other techniques without success!
I found that some people edit the XML but the link go to the old forum

I open a new project and try with your method shit/alt + down or up arrow: it works now but with R or L from Playing techniques it doesn’t work : we see the letter on the sheet music as in my previuos print screen but no influence on the notes.

If you made playing techniques with L and R text, those are separate from playing technique-specific noteheads - they’re additional notations shown alongside the music. They won’t change the notehead type or position for unpitched percussion notes.

Ok great thanks!
But a litlle obscure for me!:
So I must create two “techniques” as you said in your first answer and any of them because they have no influenc and I only to use shift +alt and up and down arrow .

If you want to indicate different percussion techniques using alternative notehead designs and/or staff positions, you must use playing technique-specific noteheads. This is only available for unpitched percussion, because typically higher/lower positions on staves for pitched instruments indicate an alteration of pitch.

You can also or instead use standard playing techniques to indicate different techniques, but these are separate notations (like for all other instruments) and do not affect the staff position or notehead type of notes.

Top! thanks