single-line staff visually lowered on instrument change

This is my first time using the forum to ask a question. I am writing a rather large symphonic piece, and I am trying to switch from bass drum to a large gong (bowed) and back to bass drum within the space of 3 measures. I haven’t had a problem with instrument switches until now though: the switch from bass drum to large gong causes the large gong staff to become displaced so that it is no longer a continuous line (see attached image). I am very confused why it is doing this and have tried many things to fix it (including deleting and rewriting the music). I am running Dorico Any suggestions on how to achieve a single line?

Welcome to the forum, Josh. This problem can occur when you have adjusted the vertical position of a staff in Engrave mode. You should be able to sort it out by selecting something in the affected frame and choosing Engrave > Staff Spacing > Reset Selected Frame, then make the desired adjustment again.

Hi Daniel,
Thank you so much for your prompt response! It worked like a charm! I am very glad that I made the decision to switch from Notion to Dorico. Keep up the great work you’re doing with this program!

Josh K