Single-line Staves for Voices – How?

I’m stuck. I can’t figure out how to set up a score for 7 voices that uses single line staves (see attached example from Toch’s Geographical Fugue)?

I want Voices 1 – 7.

In setup, if I create a Voice part, I get a 5-line staff.

If I create a Percussion Kit, I can’t figure out how to get 7 single-line instruments with names Voice 1, etc. Also, can I add lyrics to percussion kit instruments?

Screenshot_2018-07-28 12.56.21.png

I’d set up percussion staves and then change the names. You can do that in Setup mode. Click on the little arrow by the side of each Player; then click on the arrow by the side of each instrument name that is revealed. There’s an option “Edit Name”.

Here you go. Just a little XML hackerty. :wink: (269 KB)

If playback is not needed a percussion staff will work fine. I tried and you can add lyrics to percussion.

Thank you!! This is exactly what I need!

Did you create a part with a 5-line staff, export it to XML, change this:


and re-import?


Yup, that’s it. Although technically you don’t “import” i.e., use the import function. You just open the XML file.
Dorico has a lot of power under the hood that can be accessed with a few XML tricks. It’s future looks bright indeed.

These single lines are all set to E4. Is there a way to set them to a different pitch such as C4? I want to use percussion sounds so I can hear the rhythms.


Answered my own question: use an Expression Map to transpose down a major third.