SINGLE mouse click to set locator not working

In all previous versions of Cubase you could single click at the top to set the L&R locators. This was incredibly useful and basic so that when you’re editing multiple vocal takes you can chop it up and keep clicking where the next part comes in so that you can audition quickly.

In 8.5 it doesn’t work - am I missing something? I don’t want to have to press CTRL, ALT AND click in order to do something that a single mouse click would do from before. This is a serious step backwards to workflow if this is the new order of things - if it is something I’m missing please let me know!

Thank you

I have the same issue. I don’t know why software companies have to fiddle with things that work fine. So, how do we do this? I can set the locators L and R but if I want to put the locator in a new area (as a single line, no bars looped) I can’t. As the previous post said, we used to simply double click at the top to set locator.

UPDATE: I’ve figured it out. You place your mouse at the top and pull down as you click. That then sets the locator bar. Why on earth they made that pointless change I don’t know! Anyway, I do think Cubase 9 looks better, but I personally need simplicity so I can spend my time writing great music instead of tweaking tweaking tweaking … !