Single Note CC

Hello everyone.

Due to my lack of English knowledge, more often than not I’m not able to find solutions on the web, on the forum or on the manual.
So here is my question.

I would like to add a Midi CC #11 to a single note. When I double click on it in the key editor, though, only Modulation shows up to be modified for the single note. Is it possible to edit expression or volume for the single note or this works only for modulation? And in case it should work, why can’t I see it?

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I think depending on synth how it manage CC#11 compared to velocity and CC#7 etc.
Some use CC#11 as addition so CC#7 is volume, then CC#11 as extra volume and then finally velocity.

So just alter velocity if synth just do this.

Or if controlling something else - just add a CC#11 in the lane in position for that note if you actually need that, or if adding to velocity would do the same thing. But you might be in for making a peak right there - and then let CC#11 go zero or similar.

And remember that note expression is only supported by some synths. Because Cubase allow it does not mean it works towards synth.

I’m sorry, I think the question wasn’t clear enough.

Here is a screenshot.

I need to Midi CC only that long note, Expo or Vol because the rest needs to be at normal level. But it seems I can only change Modulation and I cannot work with other Midi CC.

Hope now it’s clear enough.

Ah, so you are using Note Expression. :wink: So you need to ensure that CC#11 is enabled for Note Expression (in the Inspector)… I’m not at my music computer at the moment, so I can’t post a screenshot (will try a little later). Once it is enabled, you should be able to select it from the bottom-left widget of the note’s Note Expression window.
But, in any case, do bear in mind one thing… Even though you are entering this data in a Note Expression window, it is still only a “regular” MIDI CC"11, therefore, if any other notes are playing at the same time, on the same MIDI channel, they will be affected by this CC#11 also :wink:.

Awesome!! Solved!!

Thank you very much!!!