Single or dual monitors?


My workflow is currently “dependent” on two monitors, where I can move plug-in windows, editor windows, etc around and out of the way without shutting them down. I’m curious if a bigger monitor will offer a solution (resolution) where I can fit “everything” on one screen? I’ve been om Mac for the last 12-15 years and doubt I will change that now, so it looks like my choices are iMac - but my question is not specific to Mac.

If you disregard other technical specs (cpu etc) what would you go for?

  1. iMac 21’’ with additional monitor
  2. iMac 27’’

you will require a higher resolution monitor to achieve more screen real estate assuming you operate with the same pixels per inch (not Hi DPI scaled). if you increase resolution and keep the same size monitor and don’t DPI scale then your text will be smaller.

So to get more real estate and keep thing readable, you need a higher resolution, larger monitor and to not DPI scale. Easy!

Personally, I prefer multiple monitors. It’s cheaper and easier to manage the window arrangements IMHO. I used to have 6 attached, now I have 3, the kids decided they needed the other four so we all have 3 each!

Interesting math.

SCNR, Juergi :wink:

Many thanks for elaborated comments. This is exactly the kind of input I need - even when people have different opinions.

LOL, you are right - I had one spare kicking around that I couldn’t use (ran out of monitor connections) - they stole that one too!
I’ve grown to like the 3 monitor setup, symmetry is a thing! Though I miss having one over my larger keyboard every now and again.

I use two 21" monitors. Mix console on the left - Project on the right. I can place other windows, such as VSTi and FX editors, over top of those. But I could never get “everything” on the screens at one time.

Thanks for chiming in. I started doubting the one-screen solution, but then I saw this:
In the video, his setup looks exactly like how I was imagining my work desk. But if I can work with this resolution? I don’t know … and how can it be tested with Cubase before buying the monitor and bringing it home?

Because I don’t want to be stuck with a monitor setup that I later find is not optimal I’m now looking at other computers than iMacs … Mac Mini looks quite interesting.

I’m currently on MacBook Pro 15" with additional (old) Dell 20". It kind of works, but I’m 48 and my eyes are changing, so there’s that as well.

Single or dual does not matter much as long as you have the sq inches you need.
Check out the LG 49WL95C-W. I have never seen it in person, but it looks like it would make a nice DAW monitor.

A 49" would be great but it’s A LOT bigger than my actual working space can accommodate. Guess my a 34" is the larges monitor I can make room for without rebuilding my apartment.