Single Pedal Remote Record-Stop In Cubase 10.5

I am using Cubase Pro 10.5 on an iMac Pro (OS Catalina).

I am trying to find or create a single continuous controller (CC #) that would permit me to …

Start Record with Press 1, and then

Stop Record with Press 2


Stop Record & Rewind with Press 2

Cubase has many multiple command single pedal actions using the Generic Remote commands.

The one I’m looking for seems like a very basic function for pro audio recording software. I just can’t seem to find it.

Can anyone tell me if there is such a command or if I’m missing something. Thank you,

I’m not at a workstation to help hunt, but I do seem to recall that in some cases one just needs to build a macro, or a sequence of key commands and trigger that via remote.

In some cases a project logic editor involved in the macro might come in handy if boolean checks against something set in the DAW need to be done (such as, is the transport playing right now?).

I’ll check this thread again later when I’m actually sitting at a workstation. It seems like something that should be quite doable.

Thank you Brian for your potential solution.
Unfortunately I am not familiar with how to use the Logic Editor, or how to set up a Macro.
If you think it might work, I’ll probably need a little more info.
Whether it works or not, thanks again for your time and effort, Brian