Single percussion - can't export? (nvm, solved)

I just finished setting up a fairly elaborate Bongo setup with 16 different Playing Techniques to match the sample library I’m using. I only used a single Bongo so I can have high above the line, and low below the line the way this is almost always notated. (Virtually no one uses a 2-line Bongo setup for high and low, when 1-line suffices and clearly shows the notation.) The macho and hembra are in the same VST so they are just different notes, not on different channels, and work fine with a single line setup.

Unfortunately, since it’s not a percussion kit, I’m only now just realizing that I can’t export this setup for use in other projects. Obviously the percussion map can be exported, but the Percussion Instrument Playing Techniques cannot.

Aaarrrgghh! That was quite a lot of work not to be able to reuse in other projects. Does anyone have a way to export this for use elsewhere? Or save as a doricolib file, or instrument definition, or something? I have an equally complex single-line Conga setup in this project too. They will work fine for this template, but I didn’t realize these would then be one-offs, and wouldn’t be able to be used elsewhere, otherwise I wouldn’t have made such a complete set of techniques.

Ahhh, solved it! In that player, click the Add Instrument +, select Create Empty Kit, add the existing instrument to the kit, then export the kit. In a new file, import the kit, then remove the instrument from the kit. Whew!

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You should be able to use the instrument editor to save your customized instrument to your user library?

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Interesting, that does work! That didn’t occur to me as there isn’t really anything mentioning the Percussion Playing Techniques in that editor, but they will in fact save. I think I’ll probably keep the route of importing as needed rather than creating a bunch of different identical instruments each customized for different VSTs, but good to know that’s an option.

(BTW, searching the documentation for instrument editor doesn’t return any documentation for this feature on the first 3 pages of results. I gave up after that so not sure when it actually shows up.)

That’s because it’s not been published yet, it’s currently being reviewed so should be available soon.